Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Arrrrrrgghhh, Mateys!

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!
How fun is that? 
But wait, I don't know how to talk like a pirate....
Follow the hotspots to find out how and to learn more about pirates!
Be careful and always get permission from your parents before sailing the opne seas of the Internet. Cap'n Cupples cannot be swabbing up all the messes on the World Wide Web. Arrrggghh!  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We the People...

The US Constitution is a document that explains the basic, major laws of our country.
That makes it a pretty important document.
It's something all Americans should learn about.
September 17th is Constitution Day.

We use that day to learn about how our country runs.  

Follow the "dots" to learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about the US Constitution.

Mrs. Cupples is the President of the United Library of Roberta Tipps, but she is NOT the president of the Internet.  She can't control any of the crazy business that goes on in cyberspace.  Be careful when poking around on the Internet and ALWAYS get your parent's permission.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Patriot Day is September 11th

September 11, 2001, was a very sad day in American History.
The World Trade Center, also known as the Twin Towers, in New York City was attacked.
The buildings fell down and a lot of people died.
Today, we remember that day as a special holiday called Patriot Day.

Want to know more about this very special day?
Just click the dots!
Questions?  Email Mrs. Cupples.

Mrs. Cupples may be the most fabulous library lady to ever walk the earth, but she doesn't have any control over all the crazy business on the Internet.  So ALWAYS get permission from your parents before you go exploring, and let them know right away if you find anything weird.